January 13, 2012: The Grices Come North

Medifast Status: Day 255, Down ~73lbs

It is Friday and I have my Medifast appointment today so I went in to the office this morning for one of my few appearances this week.  Work has been surprisingly not busy considering that the freeze is now over.

I went to MediFast today and had my lowest check-in there ever.  Pheww.  I’ve been working hard trying to keep from gaining any weight over the holidays and this was kind of the moment of truth.  I’m not losing much but at least it continues to go down.  It is getting harder and harder to lose anything these days.

After Medifast Dominica and I took the girls to Brookhaven for lunch.  Lunch on Fridays is my favourite time to go there because they tend to have a good seafood selection then.  They had a great clam chowder, seafood cakes and more today.  It was quite good. Dominica is very glad that she came out because so often the chef’s table does not have things that she wants and she finds it very frustrating trying to eat there as often as we do because that limits the variety dramatically.  So this was good timing.

After lunch I just came home and worked from there for the rest of the day.  Dominica and I moved the bed in our bedroom and got the south side of the room cleared out and I ran the Rug Doctor in there.  We are going to save the north half of the room for next week.  So our bed is now up against the north wall and we will have to turn ninety degrees to sleep tonight.

The Grices arrived pretty late in the evening.  The house was looking pretty good by the time that they arrived.  Clean floors, the dishes all done, candles burning, fresh paint.  It is amazing how quickly the house is transforming.  If only we had the money to get the atrium done now rather than waiting a really long time before getting to be able to use it.  But it really does not make any sense to do anything with it, it seems, until after we go to Europe.  We will be returning to Texas in late June, most likely, and that will be a good chunk of the outdoor season that we will be in New York so investing in it now makes little sense.  But I hate not having it to be able to be used.  It is such a key component of the house.

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