January 24, 2012: Best Eggplant Parm Ever

Medifast Status: Day 266, Down ~73lbs (27lbs to go)

More rain today.  A lot more rain.  It was actually clear this morning but the rain snuck up on us.

I went into work today.  It was a quiet morning.  For lunch I met a friend at Sfuzzi which is right around the corner from the office which makes it a decently convenient place for lunch.  I got the regular salad and “Mama’s Eggplant.”  That turned out to possibly be the best eggplant Parmesan dish that I have ever had.  It was simply amazing.  I’m sure that I should not have eaten it, it was way too good.  But boy am I glad that I did.

Lunch was good, we had a good time.  While we were eating lunch the rain returned and it went from sunny to pouring rain while we were eating.

Work was normal today.  After work I went back to Sfuzzi and got take out for Dominica as well as she decided that she wanted the same food as me as it sounded so good.  It ended up taking like forty minutes for me to get the food.  While I was waiting they were doing a photoshoot of some of their drinks and when they were done I got one for free.  So that was pretty nice.

It was around six thirty when I got home.  Dominica ate dinner while we watched How I Met Your Mother.  Liesl is so funny.  She is only three but says, “But I don’t want to watch How I Met Your Mother.”  But, in reality, she enjoys playing at my feet or sitting beside me while we watch it.

It was a quiet evening.  I played catch with Liesl quite a bit.  I barely got to see Luciana as she was on her way to bed when I got home.  Dominica kept her up just a little bit so that I could hang out with her before she went down to sleep since I had barely seen her today as I was not home at lunch.

I went to bed early tonight.  Oreo and I turned in at eleven.  Dominica stayed up for a while as she was not tired.

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