January 25, 2012: Finally Real Water for Dallas

Medifast Status: Day 267, Down ~73.5lbs (27lbs to go)

I felt good this morning.  I woke up a bit late but with having gone to bed early that was over eight hours of sleep which I never get.  Awesome.

I got ready for work but got a call from Dominica’s cousin just before heading out the door.  We talked for about an hour.  I might get involved, again, in online training for IT certifications.  We are trying to come up with a plan for me to write about computer based training.  This could be a really cool opportunity.  I have always enjoyed doing computer based training, ever since I got unlimited access to it while working with CTG at IBM in Endicott back in 2000 but I have not had very much opportunity to do it myself in a very long time.  It would be nice to do some again and get some certification efforts underway once much.

The rain was really coming down today and there was significant flooding all over the DFW.  They are saying that this rain might actually replenish our water table after the drought that we had this summer.  It is nice to see water around town again although it makes the drive a little harrowing since every so often you come upon a large amount of standing water without much warning.

I went home at lunch and spent some time with the family.  We though about eating lunch then but at the last minute decided against it.

For dinner tonight Dominica decided that she wanted something different so I picked up Rockfish on the way home.  They have the best cedar plank salmon around.  I love getting it there.  So we ate dinner and watch How I Met Your Mother.  We are making huge progress on that show and are on track to be caught up with the current season very soon.

Dominica started to feel a bit under the weather this evening.  She has a soar throat and a stuff neck and is feeling a little run down.  We know that a friend of mine has strep throat, she just found out yesterday, so there is a risk that that is going around.  We’ll see tomorrow as it was pretty late this evening when she started to not feel so hot.

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