January 26, 2012: Dominica has Strep

Medifast Status: Day 268, Down ~73.5lbs (27lbs to go)

I got up and went into the office this morning, a normal day.  By mid-morning Dominica said that she was feeling worse than she had yesterday so she was going to make an appointment at CareNow and I would stay at home and watch the kids while she was there.  So at around noon I went home and let the office know that I would be at home until we found out if Dominica had strep or not, but we were pretty confident that she did.

Dominica’s throat culture came back immediately as positive for strep.  So she was out for a while making runs to the pharmacy and getting supplies.  I will be staying home this afternoon as I am very likely contagious, even though I feel fine, and will make a trip to the doctor’s myself later on once work settles down to see if I am sick too.

So I had a nice afternoon at home with the girls.  Work was pretty busy, though, so I never really got a chance to relax much.  I had to work pretty late, in fact.

At six I ran down to Brookhaven and picked up dinner.  Dominica didn’t feel like going out, for obvious reasons, and did not feel like cooking.  A perfect day to get takeout.

We ate dinner and watched How I Met Your Mother on Netflix.  I got a bit of time with Liesl and Luciana today since I was home nearly all day, even though work was busy.

At eight I went in to CareNow and got checked out.  I felt fine but we wanted to be proactive.  I got the throat culture and, lo and behold, I have strep.  The doctor was pretty amazed that I knew to come in with strep and even told him that it was going to be strep when I had no symptoms and felt completely fine.

So I am on antibiotics now as well.  I stopped by at CVS on the way home and picked up my meds and some meds that Dominica had waiting for her.  I got home around ten or so and we called it an early night.

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