January 27, 2012: Contagious

Medifast Status: Day 269, Down ~73.5lbs (27lbs to go)

I am at home today as I have strep throat and don’t want to be spreading it around the office.  I am contagious at least until tonight and possibly until Saturday.  So best to be safe and just stay home.

It was quite a busy day at the office so I got very little time to spend with the girls during the day.  Still, being home all day means that I do get a bit of time with them even if I am in my office for nearly the whole day.

Today has little news.  We are all sick so we are taking it easy.  I didn’t have to work all that late this evening either which was brilliant since I was already home and able to just go hang out with my girls.

I felt pretty good all day.  The strep really never wore me down and I could barely tell that I had it at all.  Dominica felt pretty awful all day, though.

We watched more of How I Met Your Mother tonight and are nearly done with the sixth and final season available on Netflix.  We are nearly caught – years after we first started watching the show.

We’ve been talking about getting our bar set up in the house and to that end I got a couple of books on bartending for the Kindle tonight.  Dominica wanted me to go out shopping for supplies but the liquor stores close pretty early and I didn’t want to go out shopping while the girls were still awake.  That is a waste of family time.

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