January 4, 2012: Joining Costco

Medifast Status: Day 246, Down ~72lbs

I went in to the office this morning.  Nothing unusual to report there.  We were going to go with Jenn to Costco today to see about getting a Rug Doctor but decided that there was reason enough for us to join ourselves that we decided that we would just go on our own and join at the Costco three and a half miles from our house.

I left work a little before noon to run up to the house and pick up Dominica and the girls.  We drove out to West Plano and hit the Costco there.  We decided to try out the upper level membership as we are hoping to use Costco pretty heavily now that we have joined.  Their prices really are quite good.

The Costco did not have the Rug Doctor, or any Rug Doctor, that we had wanted so we will likely have to order that online.  We did some shopping while we were there and got some clothes, food and coffee.  Costco has the Donut Shop coffee that we drink with the Keurig at roughly half of the price that we pay at Walmart for the same coffee so that is awesome.  That alone will easily pay for our membership!  We just have to be diligent about buying our coffee there and not letting it run out.

I decided to just stay home after going shopping.  There is plenty to do at home and no reason to be in the office whatsoever.  There is nothing going on there at all.  I love the freeze.

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