January 5, 2012: Ordered Our Rug Doctor

Medifast Status: Day 247, Down ~72lbs

We called around to the regional Costcos and they told us that the Rug Doctor is not stocked so we will need to order it online.  So Dominica placed the order for our Rug Doctor today and hopefully we will have it next week.  We got the Pro X3 which is MSRP’d at $799.  The Costco price is $349.  Quite a deal.  Even a refurbished Pro (not X3) is $425.  This was the best deal that we could find on any Rug Doctor by far.  We are very excited.  We love having clean floors.

It is a quiet day.  I’ve been working on getting the new server racked in Toronto without any success yet.  A lot of my projects are currently waiting for that to get completed.  I am very hopeful that that will be done this weekend so that I can get to work.

I am terribly behind, yet again, on SGL.  I am doing my best to get caught up.  I am writing this on the seventeenth but I have had notes sitting on my desk at the office for two weeks with what happened each day so that I could provide accurate updates.

This week is the last week of the freeze so I am trying hard to spend time at home with the kids.

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