January 6, 2012: Chinatown

Medifast Status: Day 248, Down ~72lbs

I stayed home as today is the last work day of the freeze.  No requests all day.  Nothing at all.  I do have worked lined up for Sunday morning, however, as the freeze lifts tomorrow afternoon so, as always happens, someone begs me to work on Sunday so that they can get a jump on their projects.

This evening, at eight thirty, I went out to go to ballroom dancing lessons at the Hotel Intercontinental where our friend Chris is teaching the intro lessons.  I got out there but the lessons were canceled for tonight just as I arrived so I picked him up and we went up to Sullivan’s off of Trinity Mills where all of the dancers go after the lessons are over.  We were there too early so just hung out in the lobby for a bit.  The bar there is live band and twenty one and over only.

There was a good crows and we listened the band Chinatown play.  They were very good and I have them on my Facebook page now.  They played a good mix of music and I think that Dominica would really like it so I am going to try to get her to come out when they return here in mid-February.  Chris danced a bit, being a dancer.  I danced just a little but I am a little like a flailing walrus so am looking more for lessons than to really go out dancing although actually dancing would help with getting a few hours of exercise in so I plan to try that as well.

Sullivan’s is incredible handy for us as it is right down the street from our house.  I had no idea how close it was or that it even existed.  Nice place.

I got home not too late and we were off to bed pretty quickly.

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