January 7, 2012: Paint Planning

Medifast Status: Day 249, Down ~72lbs

Today we did some strategizing about what is going to get painted in the house.  We (mostly Dominica) are going to be painting a large amount of the house.  The bar, the living room, the hallway, our bedroom and parts of the girls’ rooms.  It is a major project.  That on top of some serious floor cleaning that we are planning to be doing soon.

Today was mostly a relaxing day at home.  This is my last “free” day before the freeze ends.  Technically the freeze ends this evening but no one jumps on doing work tonight but there will be work tomorrow morning.  So today is my day to just do nothing.

For dinner tonight we decided to try getting take out from Brookhaven.  We weren’t sure if our One discount would apply to food that we picked up so we cautiously gave it a try to see what would happen.  Our discount does apply so we will be doing this a lot more often since I can pick up food on the way home or just run out and grab it quickly which is handy since getting the girls ready can be more work that we can handle on a given evening.

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