January 8, 2012: And the Freeze Is Over

Medifast Status: Day 250, Down ~72lbs

The freeze in the financial industry ended last night and this morning I got up around nine and signed into the office so that I could get to work with some application deployments and system changes that people needed done at the first possible moment.

There was not that much work for this morning so it was probably under an hour before I was free for the day.

Dominica did some painting in the kitchen today.  We have been discussing this for a while.  Some time ago she painted half of the kitchen in a very 1970s green.  Now people might think that this eccentric and 1970s colour choice was made by me and I can see why people might think that but I assure everyone that I had nothing to do with the choice of colour for the kitchen and this was totally Dominica’s doing.  She had gotten halfway through the kitchen and then wasn’t sure if she liked the colour or not and stopped.  So for a few months the kitchen has been half fresh, bright green and half dull, dirty yellow.  The mix of the two was horrible.

I finally convinced her to at least finish the kitchen in all green and have it be all one thing.  Nothing is worse than half and half and honestly the green has been growing on me.  I think that once it is all green that she will see that it is actually a pretty good selection.  So she gave in and finished painting the kitchen in green.  It took hardly any time as the portion of the kitchen left was incredibly small.

The finished kitchen looks really good.  The green actually works now that we can see it.  It really goes with the style of the house.

I got word from Toronto this afternoon that the server is racked and powered on.  I logged in and started working on it today.  That consumed much of my day and I was very productive.

Oreo broke out in horrible hives this afternoon.  We have no idea what triggered it but it was very bad.  We had to medicate him and give him and bath and keep an eye on his all day.  Poor little dog.

This evening I ran out to Walmart and did some quick shopping.  I picked up some popcorn for us to eat while watching a movie tonight.  I also did some searching for some XBOX 360 Kinect dance video games that Dominica wants but was unable to find a reasonable price on any of the ones that she was interested in at Walmart, Target, Game Chop or even the dreaded Game Stop so I gave up on that.

I came home and we watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 on BluRay this evening after Liesl had gone to bed.

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