January 28, 2012: Bar Stocking

Medifast Status: Day 270, Down ~73.5lbs (27lbs to go)

Dominica had wanted me to go out and to do some shopping for bar supplies last night but it was late and I did not feel like going out so we postponed it.  We weren’t going to be using anything last night so it didn’t really matter.

This morning I got up and went out first thing in the morning and drove up to Centennial up on Parker and Josie which is brand new.  I’ve never driven that far up Josie before to the region of Carrollton known as Hebron.  It is like wilderness up there.  Nothing but fields.  Very strange.

The new Centennial that just opened there is awesome.  Hardly anyone using it as it is so remote so parking and everything is really easy.  I spent quite a bit of time shopping and ended up with rather an impressive lineup for our bar including nearly everything that we could possibly need for mixing drinks.  It was rather a sizable haul that I brought in this morning.  We have gone from being severely understocked to incredibly well stocked in one fell swoop.

I am really happy that we found such a nice liquor and wine store so close to the house.  We thought that we had to drive a really long way to find one which is what we have been doing previously.  This is very close and very convenient – no tollways, no traffic and no crowds.  Not to mention it is in the country rather than in a rough part of town.

I came home and was home for a few hours.  Today is our relaxing day.  Dominica is still recovering from her bought with strep throat but is feeling mostly better today.  She should be right as rain by tomorrow.

Dominica sent me out to do some additional shopping at Target in the early afternoon.  We needed some food items and bar supplies like a jigger, strainer and hand juicer.  While I was out I ran over to Tom Thumb to grab some produce and swung by Centennial again to fill in the gaps on what we had already bought.  I had missed a few things once we had done an inventory.  We are well stocked now with items like Cointreu, Triple Sec, vodka, gin, vermouth, cognac, Canadian whiskey, scotch, Irish whiskey, rye, bourbon, tequila, sloe gin, rum, flavored rums, spiced rum, liqueurs, etc.  Enough to make most anything.  It is truly amazing how much you have to have in order to be able to mix drinks for people.  Just a set of basics is an onerous amount of alcohol.

Add to that the mixers that you need on hand.  We have Sierra Mist, ginger ale, Mountain Dew, Pepsi, Coke, tonic water, seltzer, club soda and cranberry juice.  Plus then there is grenadine, lime syrup, limes, lemons, oranges, bitters – the list goes on and on.

This afternoon I spent almost entirely with Liesl and Luciana.  We hung out and played, read and snuggled.  It was a great day and the weather was amazing too.  Dominica and I finished watching the sixth season of How I Met Your Mother and, as of this evening, we are now completely caught up on that.  Nothing more for us to watch on Netflix until the seventh season comes out which will likely be a while since it is airing currently.  They have already been picked up for an eighth season so there is a lot more to watch in the future.

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