January 29, 2012: Bartending

Medifast Status: Day 271, Down ~73.5lbs (27lbs to go)

Today was a mix of trying to get caught up on my backlog of work and getting in family time.  I used Dominica’s workstation much of the day so that I could stay out in the living room with the girls rather than hide in my office.

Since we finished watching all that there was of How I Met Your Mother yesterday, today we moved to watching Star Trek: Voyager as we are on the final season and very near the end of the show.  Only a few episodes left to go and that entire show will be over and done with.  We got up to the final episode today and just have the very last one to watch and that will conclude the entire fourth series of Star Trek.  After this only Star Trek: Enterprise remains for us to watch and we will have seen every episode of Star Trek ever.

I mixed some drinks today.  One of my first real tests of my bar tending skills.  A friend of ours who used to work in IT but now makes signage and other swag stuff (I have no idea what that stuff is called, I just call it all swag – printing on things for marketing) came over and is helping us figure out what to do about getting some lighting, shelves and a sign for the bar.  It is going to be really cool when we are all done.  We need to buy bar stools soon too.  Right now everyone just has to stand at the bar which can be awkward.  Once we have stools it will be a halfway decent place to work from a laptop too.

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