January 30, 2012: Finally Finished Voyager

Medifast Status: Day 272, Down ~74.5lbs (26lbs to go)

Finally down another pound and just in time to go to my Medifast appointment this morning.  I was supposed to have an appointment there on Friday but I could not make it as I was home sick that day so I had it today instead.  I hit a new low weight on my weigh in this morning at home and matched it when I got in to Medifast around lunch time.

I was in the office this morning and was sneezing quite a bit.  Before I left to go to Medifast Dan said that I sounded sick and that I should be staying at home.  Once I went home for lunch I was feeling worse and worse and decided that I needed to stay home once I got there.  Dominica took one look at me and said, “You look awful!”  I could barely keep my eyes open due to the heavy sinus irritation going on.

So I worked from home all afternoon which was nice as I got more time with the girls although it would have been much better had I not felt so awful.

We finished Star Trek: Voyager today.  We both felt that the double-length final episode was rather anti-climactic and not a good ending for an otherwise awesome series.  I’m not sure if Dominica feels that Voyager kept up with The Next Generation but I would certainly rank it as being competitive with that series and, in some ways, it was superior to it.  Without a doubt, Voyager was the spiritual successor to TNG in a way that Deep Space Nine completely failed to be even though DS9 was of a closer era and shared more staff and crew.  TNG and Voyager really feel like they “go together” whereas many of the other series including the original each seem to stand mostly on their own and are disconnected from these two that seem to almost act like one, long series that simply switched from following one ship to anther halfway through its run.  To TNG fans I highly recommend taking the time to watch Voyager.  It is available on Netflix so few people have any excuse for missing it now.

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