April 17, 2012: Eleventh Hour, Taxes are Done

Today, strangely, is tax day in the US.  Normally it is April 15th but that was a Sunday and yesterday was some obscure government holiday that no one has ever heard of before but the IRS was closed so we got an extension until today.  I actually got all of my tax stuff in to the accountant last week but they are swamped and hoping to get to it without needing to file an extension.  Fingers crossed.

There were a lot of tax questions to be answered today so luckily I was home all day and was able to scan and send documentation as it was needed throughout the day.  We got everything in, paperwork done and we signed and submitted electronically.  No extensions needed for the Miller family this year.  It is amazing, I cannot remember the last time that we had our taxes in on time.  We still have no received our money from our 2010 filing (which was only a few weeks ago.)  Because this one is filed electronically and has direct deposit there is actually a chance that we will receive the 2011 refund ahead of the 2010 refund!

I was pretty busy all day just trying to keep up with work and get caught up on bills and stuff.  With the upcoming vacation we are feeling pretty overwhelmed with everything that needs to be done both physically, work related and financially.

This evening we did dinner at Brookhaven.  It is kids’ night.  Dinner was excellent tonight, Jalapeno BBQ salmon, corn on the cob (which I am now allowed to eat again) and salads.  Very tasty and quite a departure from the norm.

After dinner Liesl played in the inflatable bouncy gym a little before we went back home.  The country club as that set up for the summer.  They got it for Easter and decided to keep it.  Helps a lot with keeping the kids under control.

We came back to the house so that I could attend my class tonight but at the last minute it was cancelled because the professor was attempting to buy a house.  Dominica had just remarked that she was upset that I had class tonight because she wanted to take the family out for a walk because the weather was perfect.  I told her that class was cancelled so that we should go straight away, and we did.

We went for a long walk tonight, just over five miles.  We explored some new areas and walked to a yogurt place that apparently just went out of business so walked a little further and went to a Marble Slab Creamery which also had sugar free, fat free frozen yogurt.  I got mine with blueberries and vanilla yogurt.  Dominica did the same but with birthday cake yogurt.  And Liesl, being Liesl, got cotton candy ice cream.

Dominica got a lot of exercise today because earlier in the day she had gone out for a job and did about two miles.  So altogether today she has done seven or eight miles!  She was exhausted by the time that we got home.  I carried Ciana on my back the entire way and pushed Liesl in the stroller almost the entire way.

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