April 18, 2012: Early Trip to Houston

I went in to the office this morning and came home at lunch.  While I was at home Dominica was working on some planning for this weekend.

Dominica realized today that she needs to be in Houston on Friday to help prepare for Luciana’s birthday party which is going to be on Saturday.  That doesn’t work well as I have already stayed home from work this week and I have tons of work that needs my attention.  I have a number of work conflicts too, so going to Houston early really is not a good option for me.  The best case scenario would be that we would have to get up and leave super early on Friday morning and that is not a good option for anyone.

So we decided, very last minute, that Dominica and the girls might as well head on down to Houston today rather than waiting another day or two as our schedule is so busy that I will barely see the kids between now and when they would need to be leaving anyway – so better for them to get time with the cousins down in Houston than to be at home while I am at work.

So I returned to work and Dominica got the girls packed up and they were on the road between three and four this evening.

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