April 19, 2012: Stacey Rodgers

I didn’t feel well this morning so slept in a bit on the late side.  Oreo was snugly and glad to have me there.  Work was pretty slow today.  Nothing of note.

I got a hold of Stacey Rodgers today who is in town and found out that she was free for dinner.  Stacey and I went to high school together and have not seen each other for roughly nineteen years!  She is in town for training for her new job for two weeks.  Thank goodness for Facebook or I would never know when people were going to be local.  What a huge impact Facebook has made on our lives in little ways like this that you often do not think of.

After work I ran home to take care of Oreo and to change since I was dressed more for work than for going out.  Traffic was horrible.

I had to drive down to Grand Prairie to pick up Stacey.  She is down there without a car.  Not a good combination, Grand Prairie is hardly the pride of the DFW and there is nothing that she can get to on foot out there and Texas is a big, sprawling place in general so she is in the middle of this huge, awesome city and can’t even see the city itself because she is stuck way out there.

So it was around six thirty when I picked Stacey up.  We went up to La Cima and had dinner there.  We ate in the lounge as we got a nice window seat and she was able to see the expanse of the DFW Metroplex from up there.  We were lucky that we got up there while it was still daylight so she was able to see the metroplex in daylight and then watch the sun go down on it as the city lights came up.  That is the best way to get introduced to the city.

We had a really nice time catching up.  We used to hang out a bit in high school, it is really sad that we lost touch.  We, over the last few years, have been in contact on Facebook a bit but that’s not the same.  But at least we have a fair idea of what each other have been up to and we see the pictures of the family and stuff.  Her oldest daughter is in college now (wow, now that makes me feel old.)  Stacey was a year younger than me in high school (in fact, she still is.)

We closed down La Cima and then were talking about going out as she has not seen Dallas at all yet but she has to be up early in the morning (five, ugh) to get to her class so we just went out to MacArthur and got frozen yogurt.  We ended up sitting around talking long after the yogurt place closed.  Then I drove her back to her hotel and went home and took care of Oreo and got off to bed.

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