April 20, 2012: Bella Tuscany

I overslept this morning so was rushing to get into the office.  My car’s (well, Dominica’s car’s) tires were soft so I had to take some time to fill them up before getting on the road too.  It is chilly this morning and there was just the tiniest drizzle going on while I was filling up the tires at the house.

I got into the office.  It is dark today.  Definitely rain coming.  There was some lightning to the north as I drove home last night so a good storm is not out of the question.

I had a lunch meeting today that got moved to Red Neck Heaven in Lewisville.  So I drove up there in the rain.  This was my first time going there.  With a name like that, not the kind of place that I would be very likely to go to without some particular reason.  The place was absolutely packed.  We had to wait about twenty minutes to get a table and there were only two of us.  The food was good, I had a grilled shrimp salad that was quite tasty.

The afternoon was really slow in the office, it was great.  I didn’t get to leave early but the afternoon was pretty relaxing.  I worked in the office until around a quarter after six.  I was supposed to hang out with Stacey tonight but I called her just before leaving the office and she decided that she was going to take a nap.  Going out late last night was too much for her.  So she might want to go out later but I won’t find out until after she is done with her nap.

So I went home and did some cleaning and reading.  I finished reading Simon Winchester’s “Atlantic” and started reading the sequel to “Under the Tuscan Sun”, “Bella Tuscany.”  I figure that I need to catch up on my Italian travel reading before we go so that I am that much more prepared for the trip.  I got much of the house cleaned up and did some of the dishes.

I figured that getting deep into work would be unproductive as I had already mentally set this evening aside for taking Stacey out to see Dallas so I ran over to Redneck Heaven around the corner and had a beer and grabbed a light dinner (another salad, their grilled shrimp salad is excellent and a nice change of pace.)  I hung out there for a while and Stacey eventually woke up and decided that she was just going to watch television tonight.  So Andrew came out and hung out for a little bit.

I was home on the early side and just used the opportunity to get to bed and do some catch up on sleep.  Oreo thought that that was a great idea.  He is always extra snugly when it is just he and I home.  I read a little more in “Bella Tuscany”, but not much, before going to sleep.

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