April 21, 2012: Home and Work Day

Today is my day all set aside for working from home.  Lots to be done and this is my chance in which to do it.  I slept in a bit this morning, snuggling with Oreo who seems very content to just be home with daddy today.  He’s been a little upset that he has been home alone much of the last few days but at least it gives him time to catch up on his sleep a bit.

I did a little more house cleaning today and was settling in to start working when I saw the Facebook post that Gavin’s beloved blankey had been left at Flip’s in Grapevine and that he was very upset.  I talked to Ashley on Facebook and at first she was just going to let the blanket go, it was so far away before they realized it and she was able to placate Gavin by telling him that the blanket was on Thomas the Tank Engine (where they had been) and that seemed to work.  But then he woke up from his nap and was really upset.

So I ran over to Grapevine which isn’t too far from me and picked up the blanket and some fish tacos to reward myself for the journey.  I brought the blanket back home as I had spoken to one of Ashley’s friends, also via Facebook, and found out that she was going to be going from Lewisville to Arlington already today and could easily deliver the blanket this afternoon.  So we arranged to transfer the blanket later on today and she would get it directly to Gavin.

So today was a huge success for Facebook.  Learned of a problem and coordinated a resolution easily between parties who don’t normally talk to each other.  I know Ashley’s friend in passing as we have met at parties but I would never have guessed that she was traveling where needed or know how to contact her.  This is where Facebook shines, bringing together communications in an ad hoc manner based on topic or need rather than on pre-existing communication channels or relationships.  Because I had posted on the Facebook thread that I was getting the blanket and because Ashley had posted where it was her friend could see that she was the missing link in transporting it and we were able to coordinate directly.  First time that I’ve had Facebook work in that way and it really demonstrates a flexibility missing in legacy communications.

So much of my afternoon was spent running errands.  It was kind of nice and that was a low stress way to spend the afternoon.  I had on my iPod the whole time and managed to listen to more than half of “Bella Tuscany” just while driving around today.

Once I was home from the blanket exchange it was time to really get down to solid work.  The dishes were done, the house was picked up – there just wasn’t any real excuse for not getting to work at this point so it has to be done.

I worked solidly from about five thirty to four in the morning.  It was a very long and intense day.  Lots of different projects.  Security, server migrations, database work, networking and more.  I was super productive and I think that it all went really well.  Lots more work to do, though, so I have to get some sleep and get up tomorrow and get right back to it.

Dominica and the girls are heading home tomorrow morning and I expect to see them early in the afternoon.  We are scheduled to be at Chuck E. Cheese’s for a birthday party at three thirty.  Liesl will be very excited to go back there, she loves it.  She talks about it regularly and she has only been there once before.

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