July 15, 2012: Airport Run

My alarm went off at a quarter till six this morning.  Somehow I had already woken myself up at five thirty, however, so I was awake and just waiting for it to be time to get up.  I felt pretty good on just three and a half hours of sleep and was out the door in under ten minutes to drive down to Las Colinas to pick up Nicki at her apartment.  I stopped at the RaceTrak on the way and grabbed a sixty-four ounce Diet Mt. Dew to get me revved up considering that I had so little sleep.

When I got to Nicki’s place, at our old apartment complex, she was already standing outside waiting for me.  So we were able to head right out to DFW to drop her for her flight to LaGuardia.  She had no sleep last night as she was required to work through the entire night.  Maybe she can nap on the plane.

I got home at around seven.  This is pretty early to be up on a Sunday morning.  So I went into the office to get some work done.  Took no time to get caught up on SpiceWorks and some reading.  Did some system updates, catching up on email and posts.

While in the office this morning I am pretty sure that I heard rats in the attic again.  Just great.  We need to figure out where they are coming from and get that attic sealed off.  What a mess this house is.  I feel like it is falling apart around us sometimes.  Rats, ants, falling columns, crumbling wall, unfinished atrium.  The list goes on and on.  It’s exhausting.

I got a bit done today and played some more Mass Effect 3.  This is a longer game than its predecessors.

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