July 29, 2012: Sunday at the Lake House

Bennie and Francesca got up at seven this morning and took the boat out on the lake for an hour and a half.  There are still many hours to go before the engine is really ready for use.  They were gone before Dominica and I got up, which was more like seven thirty.

Dominica and I spent the morning out on the veranda sipping our coffee and visiting with family as they awoke and came outside.  I did some reading on my Kindle.  It was warm but not too hot early in the morning.  But that did not last very long.

By mid morning it was too hot to remain on the veranda so I went inside onto the couch and used my laptop from there.  I got a lot of work done today as I didn’t want to leave the couch very much due to the heat.  Mostly working on a FreeBSD server.

Luciana spent much of the day inside.  She ran around the house a lot.  She likes having the kids around.  She and Clara are starting to play together a lot.

Liesl I barely get to see at all as she is so busy that she doesn’t want to spend time with her daddy when all of her cousins are there.  She went out boating again today.  She loves the boat.  Francesca got an awesome picture of her driving the boat standing on the captain’s seat.  So adorable.

All of the family from the Ft. Worth area came out today and we celebrated Gavin’s birthday.  He is three today.

I left the lake house around five this evening to drive back home.  Luciana was winding down and Liesl had gone out for a long boat ride so I really wasn’t going to see much more of either of them tonight but I was really tired and the drive back is about an hour and a half.

On the drive back I finished listening to the book “Mass Effect: Retribution” which I was supposed to have read before playing Mass Effect 3 but did not get the chance to.  I’ve now read all three of the main books and played all three of the games.  There is a fourth book but I’ve heard that it doesn’t really fit well with the others.  I’ll check it out at some point but at least the books that go with the games are done.

I started reading the ninth Stephanie Plum novel on the drive back.  Hard to get into it, though, the eighth one was so boring.

I got back home and spent the evening at the computer in the play room doing relatively little.  I FaceBooked a bit, did some FreeBSD stuff, watched some dumb National Lampoon’s movie on Netflix and stayed up too late.

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