July 30, 2012: New Post and Home Alone Again

I have a new article up on SMB IT Journal today: The Windows Desktop Release Cycle.

I woke up early, quarter after five this morning.  Got a little work done around the house and got into the office nice and early.  It’s great having the Spark to use for commuting.

This is going to be one hot week.  One hundred and six degrees most days with one hundred and eight expected on Wednesday.  Sheesh.  I requested Wednesday as my work from home day so that I can drive out to the lake house and spend the day with the family there.  That will break up the week nicely, two days alone twice.  Everyone will be back home Saturday morning.

I went home at lunch today so that I could get to work on the carpets.  Boy is there a lot to do while the family is gone.  My goal, and this is pretty ambitious, is to clean all of the carpets in the entire house.  Well, not my office carpet, but all of the others.  There is a lot of carpet to cover and I want to do a combination of spot cleaning and Rug Doctoring.  I got the Rug Doctor back from the Grices over the weekend so I am prepared for that.  Maneuvering furniture and getting enough time for everything to dry out is going to be the real challenge.

Quiet evening at home alone tonight.  Did not get very much done.  This is my only evening to myself as tomorrow I will be heading out to the lake house after work.  I had thought about going out tonight but decided that I was feeling lazy and should just stay in and relax.  So I did.

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