August 15, 2012: SpiceCorps Day After

We were really exhausted today after being up so late last night.  It was closer to three thirty or even four in the morning before Dominica and I were able to get off to sleep.  The SpiceCorps group didn’t leave until after three.  Then we did a little bit of cleanup as there was food and stuff all over, pizza to put in the fridge, things to pick up.  It was a good event, though, lots of people.  Really happy with the turnout.

I was in the office today, but sure didn’t want to be.  Chris and I had lunch at Redneck today.

Not a lot going on today.  Got to get the house cleaned up a bit, though, because we only have nine days before the next SpiceCorps event is going on here.  No time to sit back and relax for us.

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