August 25, 2012: Phone Day

So once I got up this morning my project for the weekend is to work on the phone system that went down yesterday.  The decision was made that since the phones had gone down we don’t want to rely on, or spend the extra money on, the PBX being hosted on a cloud in Chicago but instead we want to put it in Toronto where the platform is already paid for completely.  Plus we are making an attempt at migrating from Elastix to 3CX for the phones – this will be interesting.  I had kicked off some work on 3CX last night but it didn’t work out well and so we have to redo that work today.  Fun.  I could build an Elastix system from soup to nuts in about an hour but this is taking forever.

I spent the entire day sitting in the play room working on the PBX.  What a long day.  I did get the 3CX up and working today and it is pretty neat.  I learned a ton today from working on it.  But, at the end of the day, it looks like it is not going to work for us.  It lacks the networking robustness that we need.  That is disappointing.  So my day was pretty much just a learning day.  Tomorrow I will be focusing on building a new Elastix 2.3 system from the ground up, again.  At least we get a fresh start.  Ha ha.  I just wished that I hadn’t burned my entire weekend on this.  I just don’t have that kind of time to spare these days.


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