September 5, 2012: Casen’s First Surgery

Went into the office this morning, just my normal schedule.

Early this afternoon Casen went in for his first surgery.  He’s been at the hospital since yesterday.  Today they are doing a biopsy to see what it is that he has.  This is his first surgery of what is likely going to be a long string of them.  Everyone is very nervous.

I came home at lunch today just because there is so much to do I wanted to get some time to do as much “catch up” as possible.

The word back on Casen this afternoon is that it really is cancer 🙁  Poor little guy.  Cancer at only six months old.  Dominica looked it up and said that for his type of cancer and the age that he is that the survival rate is really high and because of the location of it, in his chest, it was found really early and is far more treatable than most other places where it might occur.

This evening Chris was playing the open mic night at the House of Blues downtown.  Dominica needed to stay home with the kids so some friends and I went to the House of Blues to see Chris perform.  He did three songs and did really well.  Pretty esoteric stuff for the young, hipster House of Blues audience, though.  Not a serious music crowd in any way.

We ate dinner at House of Blues and then drove from there to Addison to go to karaoke night at The Quarter.  We stayed out late tonight but had a good time.

Going to be exhausted tomorrow.

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