November 13, 2012: Bond, James Bond

I love short work weeks. Today is Tuesday but it seems like my Monday since I had a three day weekend.  I went into the office today.  Things are picking up after the last freeze that we had and the long weekend.  Everyone is in a rush to get things done now in the few weeks before the big winter freeze goes into effect.

At lunch I had to run up to Carrollton to give a storage presentation and talk about risk analysis, costs, etc.  That went really well.  Then back to the office.

A relaxing evening with the family tonight.  We hung out for a while watching reruns (if you can call anything on Netflix a rerun) of Family Guy until later on in the evening, around eight, when Luciana headed off to bed and Dominica decided to sent me out to Target to get her chocolate covered almonds which she had been craving.  We wanted to watch a movie too and I had been in the mood to watch some James Bond so she agreed to get a Bond film on BluRay so I set out to find one.

At Target they had one boxed set of the entire James Bond collection, twenty-two films, all on BluRay.  We currently only own two and there are many in the middle, the ones that I like best, that Dominica has never seen.  So I went crazy and bought the boxed set.  I came back home, got dirty looks and we set about watching about two-thirds of Thunderball.  In the not too distant past I have watched the first three Bond films so am picking up where I left off on a quest to watch the entire series from start to finish which should be interesting.

Liesl seems to like them.  Not as much as she likes watching Doctor Who, which she requests regularly, but she does like them.

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