November 14, 2012: Revenge of the Cupboard

I went into work this morning at the office.  The day started out about as typical as can be expected.  The weather has been wonderful – slightly crisp but bright and sunny, just how I love an autumn day.  We’ve had that for several days now.

This morning in the office wasn’t too bad.  I was pretty busy just trying to keep up with my normal work.  I have been fasting so no lunch for me.  Dan brought a lunch but we were both in the mood to escape the office for a bit so we went out for a liquid lunch rather than just sitting in the office all through the lunch “hour”.

Dominica went out and did some shopping today for custom framing for our paintings that we brought back from Madrid.  We have really been looking forward to getting them framed and up on our walls.  Michael’s is having a huge sale on custom framing so we are trying to take advantage of that.  Sadly the custom framing was still over seven hundred dollars even with two major discounts!  I always forget just how expensive this stuff is.

While Dan and I were at “lunch” Dominica called to say that she had left a cupboard door open over her desk and she had stood up and the door had caught her on the upper part of her nose between her eyes and she was in really rough shape and thought that she might need to go to the emergency room.  So we rushed to the house and I gave Dan the car keys and he went back to work with the Chevy Spark that I will have to figure out how to retrieve later.

Jim ran over to the house, he was off work today, and watched the girls while I ran Dominica to urgent care until Kayla could get to the house as she was just getting off of work.  They were able to get her in pretty quickly and got her wound cleaned out, glued shut and added some tape strips to hold it together for now.  They didn’t feel that the scarring would be bad at all and likely would not be noticeable unless someone was really looking for it.  Dominica has been terrified that it would really scar since it is right in the middle of her face.  But it really does not look like it will be too bad.

We had to run to CVS to pick up some antibiotic for Dominica just as a precaution so that the wound does not get infected.  Then we came home, relieved Kayla of the girls and had a quiet evening at home just the family.

For dinner Dominica had me run over to Eat St. Kabob Factory to pick her up some curry, paneer tikka masala with rice and naan, for dinner. We are loving having them right around the corner.  This is a huge improvement over the food options that we have known about in our local area thus far.  It really makes living in Carrollton that much better.  Simple, delicious, affordable Indian right around the corner.  As we piece together the food and other options in our area we are really liking where we chose to live.  We lucked out.

We finished watching Thunderball tonight and started watching You Only Live Twice, but like last night, we were ready for bed before we had a chance to make it all of the way through it.  Dominica was falling asleep on the couch.  Liesl stayed up until after eleven!  Even Luciana was up decently late tonight.

I will be working from home tomorrow although I need to figure out how I am going to deal with getting the Spark back since I have neither the keys nor the car in my possession at this point.  The day after tomorrow we are heading down to Houston for the weekend so that we can celebrate the “Siblings’ Thanksgiving” down there and also celebrate Liesl’s birthday.  I can’t believe that my little girl is turning four!

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