November 20, 2012: MediaWiki Installations

Another day of being on top of SGL.  I could get used to this.  Once upon a time I was on top of these posts every day.

I got into the office at nine this morning.  Not too busy of a day but I wanted to get as much done as possible as Dominica and I are going to a place in Carrollton today where I am demonstrating a MediaWiki installation on CentOS while she is “interviewing” for a part time desktop support position.

I ran home at lunch and picked Dominica up and then we ran in so that I could work and she could interview.  We ended up being far busier than I had planned but did the MediaWiki install, even though they were not ready for me at all without knowing their IP addresses, user accounts or anything.  And Dominica’s interview seemed to go really well and, if all goes well, she should be getting scheduled for work starting next week.  Fingers crossed that everything gets approved.  It is only ten to twelve hours a week but that would be really helpful and nice for her to get some time out of the house too.

Back to work and the afternoon was actually decently busy.  I wasn’t able to get out of work until nearly six.  It was already dark and I was running really late for meeting up with Dominica and Francesca and the kids for dinner at Brookhaven so I drove straight there.  Traffic was pretty heavy since it was rush hour but I got over there just as they arrived as well.

It turns out that Brookhaven was completely packed and our reservations were lost.  So we had to find alternative plans.  No one but me had thought to bring a jacket so sitting outside was not an option.

We decided to go try the new Diner of Dallas up on Beltline.  On the way there we stopped for a while and checked out the massive Christmas lights display that we saw last year too.  It is a little larger this year and mostly set up.  The guy who runs it was running the trains tonight and the kids got to ride the train for a while.  We got some pics and video and got them uploaded.

Dinner at the diner was good.  We ate then came home.  I spent the evening working in the office.  Got a lot done.  I will be working from home tomorrow.

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