November 21, 2012: Turkey “Vacation” Begins

After working very late, till nearly three, last night, I was up at seven thirty and starting the day early today.  I am working from home today and tomorrow is a holiday.  As far as I know I will be home on Friday too although I am not certain of that.  I have to work Friday but I think that nothing will be going on, going into the office would be silly.  So for all intents and purposes, today begins a five day weekend.

My first project of the day was to upgrade my desktop from Linux Mint 13, which I have been running for a couple of months, to Linux Mint 14 which just released and to document the process.  I like running on the latest all of the time.

Katie got a new job today and is working on her paperwork this morning.  She is moving from New York City down to Tampa Bay and moving into a more senior role there.  She is very excited.  She has been job hunting for a while trying to find something that was a good job, had good pay and were relocate her someplace that she wanted to go.  A tough combination.

It was a super slow day at work today.  It was awesome.  I got to be home and it effectively felt like it was a holiday.  I am sure that I am home on Friday as well.  So this is like a five day weekend!  There will be nothing happening on Friday whatsoever, that I can be sure of.

This afternoon Dominica and I have tons of work beginning as we each begin migration projects so our evening was super busy as well be the next few days as we work on that.  So starting at four this evening we started our work and were super busy.

Late tonight Dominica, Francesca and Emily watched the last released Twilight movie (I know, I’m embarrassed for them too) so that they can go to the theater tomorrow to watch the last one that just came out.

I ended up working very late tonight, till probably two in the morning.  I am very anxious to get this project over and done with.

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