November 22, 2012: Happy Thanksgiving

I managed to actually sleep in pretty dramatically today.  That was nice.  It is really rare that I get to do that.  Normally I am up with the girls.  Today the kids all came and climbed into bed with me but Dominica and Francesca were both awake so I didn’t need to get out of bed.  So “slept” in might not be correct, but I didn’t have to actually get out of bed.  Good enough for me.  Madeline managed to go the entire day without getting out of bed at all except to use the bathroom once or twice.  Weird.

Everyone except for Madeline, Luciana and I ended up getting sick at some point today.  Dominica had to go back to bed before noon and never got back up again.  Francesca went down for a three hour midday nap.  Liesl was doing great all day and was playing outside as it started to get dark and all of a sudden, without any warning, she ran into the kitchen and threw up.  Whatever this is, it seems to come very suddenly and without any kind of warning.

I worked like crazy all day. Very busy.  This migration is a huge pain and seems like it will never end.  So much work and this has been going on for nearly a year.  There have been some huge gaps but this is a major project demanding a ridiculous amount of my time for some pretty silly stuff.  But it is all Linux and MySQL stuff that no one else can reasonably do so that leaves me dealing with all of it.  not fun, but what can you do?

This whole day was pretty much dominated by the sick family and the migration work.  Nothing else really happened at all.  At one point Emily and I ran out to McDonald’s and picked up a small amount of food for the few people well enough to eat.  Then Emily came into the office and I talked her through our huge slew of vacation pictures as she had never really seen them.

Once everyone had gone to bed I took the laptop and headed off to Redneck Heaven which is always open and set up to work from a table in the back.  I had some barbecue shrimp as my Thanksgiving Dinner since I didn’t have anything for Thanksgiving all day.  This is

Bennie is coming up tomorrow at some point and is going to help get the flooring and bar work completed that Dominica and I cannot do.  Dominica and I have a ton of work to do tomorrow as well.

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