November 23, 2012: Bond Night

Everyone is still feeling pretty sick around here today.  No one is feeling terrible but no one is feeling particularly great either.

Officially today is not a holiday but, in reality, there is just about no work going on and no one goes into the office today.  So I am home with the family but in the office most of the day.  There is tons of work for me to do and Dominica was completely unable to work yesterday because she was so sick that she never got out of bed so today she is stuck working on that email migration for a large chunk of the day.

Bennie came up and worked on the house a bit today.  He is getting the trim done around the floors so that we don’t have the gaps between the flooring and the walls.  And he trimmed in the new windows in the bar that Art put in last month.  The house is really coming together now.

This evening Dominica ordered in some pizza for Bennie and I and the little ones and she and Francesca took Madeline and Emily to go out and see the last of the Twilight movies in the theater while Bennie and I stayed in and watched the kids and a couple of James Bond movies.

We started with Diamonds Are Forever which was playing when the pizza arrived.  I am loving that I have the entire James Bond collection now.  These are movies that I strongly associate with my childhood.  It is great getting to see them and be able to see them in order and associate them in ways that I couldn’t do very well when I was young because I was always seeing them in an arbitrary order.

The girls were not back yet so we went ahead and watched Live and Let Die.  Liesl joined me for some of the first movie and all of the second one.  She loves snuggling and watching movies finally.  The girls got back before halfway through our second movie.  Most everyone went to bed leaving just Dominica, Liesl, Bennie and I finished up Live and Let Die.

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