November 24, 2012: Guys’ Night Out

Another full day of Dominica and I having tons of work to do.  When she wasn’t working on the email migration she was helping Bennie as he did work around the house.

People are starting to feel better but there is still a bit of sick going on.  Dominica is definitely the worst.  She has been in rough shape for day.

As we were the stay in and watch the kids people last night, Bennie and I got to go out tonight while the girls stayed home and hung out with the kids.  They were all pretty exhausted anyway and only went out last night because they had been determined to see that movie all week and it was their only chance to do it.  So around the time that Luciana went to bed Bennie and I headed out to Redneck for the night.

We were there for about two hours before Watson decided to join us as well.  The three of us, Watson and Bennie know each other from Liesl’s second birthday party two years ago, had a really good time just hanging out.  We stayed out until they kicked us out 🙂

Just mentioning when Bennie and Watson met makes me realize just how long we have been living in this house now in Carrollton.  This is Liesl’s third birthday being celebrated here!  I can’t believe it.  We have lived in this home for half of Liesl’s life.  She turned one in Walt Disney World, but while we were still living in the Peekskill house.  Then we moved to Texas and lived in the apartment in Las Colinas for so long but apparently not long enough for her to have had a birthday there.  That is what really surprises me.  We managed to always be living in a house when Liesl had a birthday.  This house that seems so new and recent to me has had three of four Liesl birthdays and, of course, every Luciana birthday in it.

Liesl’s actual birthday is not for another few days.

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