November 25, 2012: A Sunday Off

Got up decently early this morning, around seven thirty.  Did not spend the day working, though.  Mostly today is a day to relax.  I’ve been working like mad for the last several days and am feeling a bit over-taxed.

The Grices packed up this morning and were on the road by the middle of the morning.  Dominica and I set to cleaning the house for about an hour.  It made a dent but only a dent.

I put in Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune in the PS3 and played for maybe forty-five minutes.  I am only about two hours into the game, total, if that.  Apparently I never actually get time to really play it.  It is a good game and I move through it at an acceptable pace and I like the story.  I just never get a chance to play.  I would have played a bit more today, I might even had made an attempt at completing the game as it is pretty short, but Luciana could not stop climbing on me as I attempted to play after a certain point and there was just no way for me to make it through some of the more challenging portions like that so I gave up.

This evening I told Liesl that we were going to watch a “daddy movie” because I wanted to relax for a while.  I put in The Man with the Golden Gun and as soon as she saw it was a Bond film she said, “This isn’t a daddy movie.  This is a Liesl movie.  It is a Liesl and daddy movie!”  I am so proud of my girl.  Liesl, Luciana and I all watched The Man with the Golden Gun while Dominica read.  When that movie was over we moved on to The Spy Who Loved Me.  Luciana went to bed pretty early on during the movie after snuggling quite extensively and practically falling asleep on the couch.  Liesl made it to the very end when they were blowing up the secret hideout and then fell asleep on the couch between Dominica and I and had to be carried off to bed.

Liesl is not sick at all, as far as we can tell.  Luciana actually got sick a little this evening during the movies.  I was in the kitchen and she walked in and just threw up a little.  It surprised her, I think, and she suddenly pointed to her feet, which she had gotten, and got a little upset.  Dominica has been rather sick for days and just spent the day on the couch.

So as soon as Liesl was put to bed Dominica went to bed herself.  Way too early for me.

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