November 26, 2012: Liesl’s Last Day of Being Three

Hard to believe that Liesl turns four tomorrow.  Today is my very last day to spend with her as a three year old.  Three was a great age.  I am really going to miss three year old Liesl.

I woke up, on my own, at six thirty this morning so got up and got ready for work.  Today is my first day back in the office in five days so I am sure that there is plenty to be catching up on.

When I got out of the shower I discovered both Liesl and Luciana had gotten up and gotten into bed snuggling with mommy.  Liesl was fast asleep but Luciana was awake and waving at me.  What a cutie.  I can’t believe that they were all up so early.  Luciana got up and followed me around the house as I got ready for work.

Rather quiet day at work, I was expecting there to be far more going on.  Medifast was very busy and had me go in to my appointment early today so that they could squeeze me in as they did not have enough time to see everyone today.  So I went to my appointment during lunch.

I’ve put on six pounds this past week.  That’s not horrible since I took off twelve the week before.  But it is depressing either way.

On the way home from work I swung into Rockfish and picked up dinner.  Dominica is still feeling sick but she thought that maybe some mahi mahi would go down well.  It did not.

I had dancing tonight in Las Colinas.  I keep wanting Dominica to go so that I can stay home and relax for a change but there is always a reason that it has to be that goes.  This week, obviously, because she is not feeling well.  Very likely it will have to be me on Thursday as well.

I came home this evening and did a mix of work and hanging out with the family, but mostly just hanging out as it was so late.  At one point this evening we had Liesl crying for nearly half an hour because she was so upset that she is turning four tomorrow.  She is sad because she loved being three so much and she doesn’t want it to be over.  It was sad and adorable at the same time.  A very complex concern for someone so young.  That she realizes time passes as it were and seeing her childhood slipping away already seems abnormal.  It is awesome that she has been so happy that she doesn’t want it to end.  She often says that she does not want to grow up and wants to be little forever.

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