November 27, 2012: Happy Birthday Liesl!

Liesl turns four today!  I cannot believe that my little baby is already four.  She is growing up so quickly.  It really is amazing how the time just flies by.  She is getting so big and mature.

I went into the office today but came home at lunch to do some work with Danielle on the phone and to spend some time with the girls.  They were pretty happy that I was home.

I decided that Liesl would get to pick what she wanted for dinner tonight.  I told her at lunch that she could pick and on my way back to work I was thinking about what she might choose and I guessed that she would mostly likely want to get chow mein noodles from Panda Express.  Several hours later… that is exactly what Liesl picked.  It has been months, I would say, since we have gotten Panda Express.  Do I know my girl or what?

So on the way home from work I picked up dinner for everyone.  Dominica still isn’t feeling completely better, but she ate some noodles with Liesl.  We put on a movie and hung out in the playroom as a family.  After not too long I put in Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune which Liesl loves watching and played that for about forty-five minutes until I got frustrated and wanted to take a break.  Liesl thinks watching the game is great fun and loves to narrate what is happening and try to be helpful.  She piles into a big mound of blankets and her Dora the Explorer pillow and follows all of the action as I take out the bad guys, climb rock walls, swing from vines, look for treasure, etc.

Dominica made chocolate chip cookies tonight for Liesl’s birthday and Liesl spent nearly an hour on the phone with dad just talking and talking.  There are few people who have as much to say as Liesl does.

Liesl stayed up late (she is four now, you know) till almost eleven.  She and Dominica went to bed at about the same time.  I stayed up working until after four in the morning.  A very long day.

I am working from home tomorrow, if anyone needs me.

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