November 28, 2012: Home Day

Even after working so late last night I was still up and going before eight this morning.  And both Liesl and Luciana slept in quite late, till around nine or so.

I worked from home today as it is Wednesday.  Dominica and I kept up the cleaning around the house and my office is really looking good.  I put in a floor standing lamp in the back of the office and I can see where I would like to have a reading nook there so my plan is to clean stuff up and get the printer stand out of that corner (there is shelf space where that printer is supposed to be anyway) and put the gliding rocking chair (the one that we used to rock Liesl to sleep the first year in Peekskill that has seen almost zero use since then) into that corner so that I can have a spot to just sit and read.

I am also looking into options for mounting the Optoma HD projector up at my desk so that I can project onto the white wall in front of my desk to use that much like a tertiary monitor.  It will be really handy for monitoring things or watching movies or whatever while I work and make the room much more general purpose.

Dominica took Liesl out today for her first ever hair cut.  It was a sad day.  When she was a baby it took her so long to get her hair.  We waited and waited.  Dominica feared that our little girl would always be bald.  Her hair is so cute, it seems like a crime to cut it.  And the hair that we are cutting, of course, is the very hair that was all that she had at the very beginning.  It is just the very tip of her long, long hair now but once upon a time this was her entire bit of fuzz.  So I made Dominica save the lock of her hair for me.

Luciana still has a very long way to go before she has to worry about getting a haircut.  She is stuck in the toddler mullet phase right now.

Dominica is mostly feeling better today.  Not quite 100%, but close.

Everyone but me went to bed early tonight.  I stayed up a little late, till about twelve thirty, working.  But didn’t do too much.  I was a bit tired after last night.

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