November 29, 2012: Afternoon Watching the Girls

I got up nice and early this morning and got into the office.  Pretty normal day until I came home at twelve thirty so that I could take Dominica to the doctor’s and watch the girls for the afternoon.  We drove down to Irving at one thirty and the girls and I dropped her off at the doctor.  Liesl, Luciana and I went driving looking for a McDonald’s with a Play Place so that the girls could play and I could work on the McDonald’s WiFi while we waited for Dominica.

The McDonald’s in downtown Irving was really nice.  A huge location with a big playground.  I got a snack and turned the girls loose in the play area while I sat at a table with my laptop and tried to keep working.  It was going well until Liesl climbed to the top of the playground equipment and, inside of the metal mesh, or course, got stuck so high on a platform that there was no way for her to get down.

So for about fifteen minutes I had to deal with a terrified, screaming Liesl trapped far beyond the point where I could do anything about it.  It was pretty awful.  She was only an inch away from being able to get her foot onto the platform below but she just couldn’t quite do it.  Eventually a boy who was hanging out with his little siblings, I’m guessing, climbed up into the structure and rescued her.  We really can’t do this again.  She totally froze and wasn’t able to drop the inch that it would take for her to get back down.

So the rest of the time the girls played only down on the ground but still had quite a bit of fun.  Luciana was too small to climb on anything but there were other girls there her own age and she made friends with them and had a good time.  So cute watching Luciana socialize with kids her own age for a change.  She wasn’t the only one and a half year old for once.

Dominica got done earlier than we had expected.  It took a bit to pack up and gather the girls but getting back to the doctor’s office was easy.  Then it was back home.  Dominica was totally out of it being on codeine so she was pretty nutsy.

I got home and logged into work for a while.  Liesl fell asleep in the car on the way back and happily put herself down for a nap for an hour or so.  That worked well for me getting work done.  Luciana was very quiet and just wandered around for a while harassing Dominica who had laid down for a few hours and then coming to see me and back again.

This evening Dominica sent me out to pick up Indian food to make her feel better and as a family we all settled in and watched 1981’s For Your Eyes Only which Liesl really liked.  She is really into the Bond films which is hilarious.

Dominica went to bed around nine thirty.  Liesl around ten thirty and me around a quarter till three in the morning after doing some Ruby on Rails work.

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