November 30, 2012: Email Migrations Begin

I got up and seven and did some work from home before heading to the office at nine.  No one was able to go out for lunch today so I took it as a sign and use the lunch time to go for a walk up the street for exercise and just picked up some nuts and an energy drink instead of lunch.  That worked decently well. The walk was good for me.  I really need to start doing that every day.

The big project today, and going into the weekend, is that we are migrating our emails to Office 365.  This is one of those “opportunistic” moves that, of course, costs all kinds of time and effort.  This is going to be exhausting.  Dominica is going to be working on this all weekend.

It was a long day for me and I came home to the email migration which we worked on, along with other projects, all evening.  Exhausting.  This is going to be a long weekend coming up.

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