December 15, 2012: Grey Arrives in Dallas

Lots of house cleaning this morning and moving Luciana from her bedroom into Liesl’s for a few days.  Luciana will sleep in Liesl’s room and Liesl will sleep in her portable cot in our room.  Liesl kind of likes this even though she does not like the bed as much because she likes sleeping in the same room as us.

I got some work done this morning but not much.  The house is looking good, though.  We’ve actually kept it clean, basically, this whole week.

Grey’s flight was supposed to get in at five minutes until four.  I am used to dealing with DFW where that means that there is no need to leave the house until after that point as it takes forever to get through baggage claim and out to the curb.  Love Field is also much closer to us than DFW.

So Grey was actually walking to the curb even before I left the house!  Oops. In theory Love Field is incredibly close to us too.  But, of course, with traffic and lights it took nearly forty minutes to get to him.  Ugh.

So the total round trip was nearly an hour an a half to get down to the airport, collect Grey and get back up to the house.

We spent the afternoon hanging out at the house.  Liesl and Luciana were kind of crazy having someone new to play with in the house.  Grey had work to do, as did I, so he put in a bit of time working from his colossal laptop in the living room.

This evening, for dinner, we all went out to eat at Eat St. on Trinity Mills which, as always, was excellent.  Liesl loves going there and getting rice.  Luciana loves eating naan dipped in a little curry.

We were all off to bed a little on the early side tonight.  Tomorrow will be a busy day.

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