December 16, 2012: Grey’s Day in Dallas

Today is our one day to actually hang out with Grey.  He arrived yesterday and tomorrow is the class (and I need to go to the office anyway) and then Tuesday he flies back to Denver in the morning.  So today is the only really clear day and there is plenty of work to be done while he is in town too.

We pretty much did not leave the house today at all.  But we did get a lot of work done and Grey managed to get everything ready for his class tomorrow evening which Dominica is going to be taking as well.

We did a little setup today and played with the kids a lot.  They really do go crazy when there is someone new in the house to harass.  Liesl especially expected Grey to play with her non-stop all day.

We were decently busy but did not really do all that much.  For dinner Dominica made apple dumplings and Grey made cheddar cheese biscuits and two pineapple upside down cakes.  Probably not the best round of dinner choices but it was all really delicious.

At eight Grey and I went out to Redneck where he had arranged to meet some of his friends from the line game Eve that he plays.  We hung out with them for about an hour and I learned more about Eve then I ever would have guessed that I ever would before Watson arrived to join our group.  Watson and I ended up spending more of the evening out on the patio, the weather was really nice tonight so with a light fleece it was perfect to be outside.

Grey and I stayed until nearly closing time.  It was a fun night.

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