January 16, 2013: Fire in Our Neighbourhood

I actually spent the whole day in the office today.  It is cold but no snow today.  There was frost on my windshield this morning but just a little.

Busy day at work but I got a lot of stuff done and am very happy with the day.  I needed to play catchup and for the most part, I did.

Dominica stayed pretty busy working from home today too.

I got home this evening and we immediately packed up the girls and went out to Denny’s for dinner.  It was probably 6:20 when I got home to get them.  Dominica had them all ready to go so I just had to run in the house and help get the girls into the car.

Little did we know that we were driving away from a fire in our neighbourhood.  It must have been burning as we drove by but we didn’t know.  We drove on obliviously.

We got to Denny’s and ordered our food.  While we were waiting we heard the fire sirens going. Liesl asked what that was and we said that it was a fire truck.  She said, “A fire truck?  Maybe it is a house fire.”  Little did we know how much she knew.  The Denny’s is a few miles from home so we didn’t think anything of hearing the sirens up there.

After dinner we went to Aldi’s.  That was eight o’clock.  We shopped until eight thirty eight and drove home.  We got back to the neighbourhood to find it blocked off from the police but we could see the fire and fire trucks on the other side.  We couldn’t tell where the fire was exactly but it was definitely close to us.  We had to drive a couple of miles out of the way to get back to our house as the two most obvious ways back were blocked.

After we got home and got the girls inside and unloaded the car I went back out to walk over to the fire to see what was going on.  Turns out that it was very close and the house was burnt to the shell.   I read on the Carrollton Police Twitter feed that the Fire Department had reported that they found a body burnt in the house.

Luciana made me read several books to her and then went to bed.  Liesl and I spent about an hour talking about sea urchins and researching them online because suddenly she was very passionate about sea urchins.  She had been looking in an old “learning your letters” flash card thing that she had grown up with and that Luciana uses now and it is “U is for Urchin” which, of course, they show a picture of a sea urchin rather than a real urchin (or hedgehog) but so Liesl got interested in them so we went on Wikipedia and then searched for pictures of sea urchins.

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