January 17, 2013: Short Daycare for the Girls

Dominica got up at 5:45 this morning so that she could get ready for work.  I never managed to fall back asleep after she got up so I laid in bed for a while but got up pretty early myself.

Luciana was up early, as she often is, and just wanted to sit in the moon chair in our bedroom and watch a few episodes of “The Fresh Beat Band” while she snuggled with Lambie and her blankie.  So she pretty much entertained herself while I got a few things done around the house and Liesl slept.

Liesl, of course, got up late so it was a rush to get the girls ready so that I could get them out the door to drop them off up in Corinth for their day of daycare.  As we left the house I swung by the neighbour’s place to take a picture and see how bad it was today.  The house is completely ruined, nothing salvageable from that.  Even the slab might be damaged.  The drive up there takes a bit was it was around a quarter till ten when I finally dropped them off.  Liesl was very excited to go to “Miss Melissa’s” but Luciana was not too happy that daddy was leaving.

Dominica actually ended up working a moderately short day today and was able to leave at noon – working just five hours on her four hour scheduled day.  She then went grocery shopping and took care of some errands while the girls were still at daycare before she went to pick them up.

I went to Sweet Tomatoes with the guys from the office for lunch today.  I got a massive salad that actually filled me up for the day.  That was a pretty good change. I needed that.

I left work at the normal time.  Got home before six.  Hulu had the latest episodes of several of our favourite shows like “Family Guy”, “Hot in Cleveland” and “Happily Divorced” so we watched all of those.  The we watched more of “Are You Being Served.”  You know, for a show that was so important to my younger years it is amazing to me how few of them there are.  They only made about six per season so altogether there are not very many of them – even if you include the awful movie that they made, which we also watched tonight.

Luciana went to bed around eight.  Liesl went to bed around nine thirty.  We went to bed around ten.  We are sleepy people.

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