January 26, 2013: Hard Core Roomba Action

Slept in nice and late this morning.  I got up at nine thirty and Dominica at nearly eleven.  The girls both slept in really late this morning too.  We have all been really exhausted this week and our sleep schedules have been all out of kilter so it was nice to get a nice, late morning to relax.

I am on call this weekend so I can’t really leave home to go anywhere, not that I wanted to.

Lots of family time today, not a lot of productivity.  We did set the Roomba loose on the carpeted part of the house today.  We had it do three runs down there with only Liesl’s room closed.  It did a great job of vacuuming there and didn’t take too long.  The pattern that it does is really wonky and I’m not convinced that it hits everything but overall it did a really good job including investigating way under the bed which is nice since obviously we never vacuum there by hand.  So it is really good at reducing the dust that collects in the house which is important since the kids like to play under there.

This evening we went out to Denny’s for dinner.  Dinner went okay but Liesl was very “not listening” to us by the end of dinner and we had to cancel a trip to Ikea to buy her school supplies (like desks and chairs) that we had planned to do this evening and just grabbed some quick FroYo to go which we ate in the car (none for Liesl, she lost that too) and straight home and the kids off to bed.

We watched the last two (there are only three) episodes in the second season of Sherlock tonight.  What an awesome show.  At the end suddenly it hit me that the guy who plays Dr. Watson is Bilbo Baggins from the new Hobbit movies.  Since we haven’t seen them yet, we hadn’t made the connection.  I looked up the main star, who plays Sherlock and found that he is in the Hobbit movies as well.  What a small world!  Weird.  Now we are a lot more excited to see them.

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