January 27, 2013: Liesl Starting to “Do School”

We were up too late last night watching Sherlock.  I hate when we get addicted to shows like that.  Today is a “no television” day for Dominica and I to keep that from happening so that we can be a little bit productive instead.  Liesl came into our room at seven thirty and got me up to set her up with the iPad and her morning chocolate milk.  She still drinks one bottle of it first thing in the morning and another last thing at night every day.  It’s a routine but since it isn’t actually chocolate milk but actually that formulated super healthy kid protein shake stuff it actually works out perfectly since she is so bad at eating well during the day.  Luciana slept in a little more.

Dominica had a salon appointment at noon and did some shopping while she was out.  I had the girls.  I got no work done with them hanging all over me today, it was crazy.  They took a long shower together.  They love playing with the ducks.  Luciana at one end staying more or less dry and Liesl just standing in the water the whole time.  They are so funny.

Dominica made dinner and we ate is mid afternoon.  While eating we watching a single episode of Are You Being Served?.  And that was the only twenty-two minutes of television that we saw all day.  We were both at our desks much of the day.  I know that I got a lot of work done and I managed to hang out with the girls quite a bit.

Liesl is really getting in to “doing school.”  Dominica sets her up at her desk with ABCMouse, an online educational site and Liesl just goes crazy doing the lessons.  She really loves it.  She has so much fun and it is the highlight of her day.  She gets so excited when Dominica offers to let her do it.

Luciana went to bed really early, about eight thirty.  And Liesl went to bed before nine, which never happens.  I read her her nighttime stories, Harold and the Purple Crayon, Leo the Late Bloomer and Caps for Sale and while I did she diligently cleaned up her room, all of her own accord without me having even suggested it.  Very odd.  When I was done reading I joined her and we had her whole room picked up in just a few minutes.  She is excited that it is clean and that the Roomba is going to be able to vacuum it after she gets up in the morning.  We are all hoping that the Roomba proves to be motivation for keeping all of the house clean as we can then use it to do the hard work for us if we just do that much.

Dominica went to bed shortly after Liesl did and I stayed up until after three in the morning getting some backlogged work that I had to do completed.  I was very happy knocking out an article that I wanted to do as well on DRBD clusters on OpenSuse.  I got some very positive feedback on that article before the night was done.

Hard to believe that dad will be coming to Texas in a little over a week.  It has seemed like the trip was so far away for so long but now it is only like eight or nine days.

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