January 28, 2013: Home with the Angels

It is Monday, my day at home with the girls.  Dominica was up and out the door at a quarter till seven as usual.   I got to sleep in for a bit.   Liesl got me up first and hopping into bed to snuggle for just a little bit.  Luciana slept in quite late.  She has been just exhausted recently.

Both girls were absolute angels today.  Liesl spent a ton of time entertaining herself.  Luciana spent much of the day in my room watching shows on her own.  They kept themselves apart and quiet for an unprecedented amount of time and even when they played together it was quiet and friendly.  No fights, no problems.  It was amazing.  If they were like this everyday I could stay home with them all of the time.  It is amazing what a really good night of sleep will do for them.  Going to bed at or before nine really helped.  It also allowed more story reading time which helps too, I think.

Luciana even went down for her afternoon nap without the slightest bit of complaining.  I was so productive today, it was awesome.  It was really a great day.

Luciana took a really long shower this afternoon too.  I’ve learned that I just can’t let Liesl play with her in the shower.  Liesl is good but Luciana gets upset because she gets splashed and because Liesl wants to share the rubber duckies.  Luciana just needs alone time in the shower and she is perfectly happy with her rubber duckies, Dora the Explorer toy and her pink bucket.

I did some serious vacuuming today with the Roomba again.  Last night Liesl and I picked up her room so that it would be ready for vacuuming today.  So I turned the Roomba loose on the entire “private wing” of the house and it did a great job again.  I ended up running the vacuum for three whole runs of that part of the house.   I also got my office floor completely picked up and ran the vacuum in there for about an hour.  That made a big difference too.  The house is just looking better and better.

Dominica ended up working an insanely long day.  She put in a full twelve hours in the office getting home just after seven and then she had dinner and logged in again and worked all evening remotely taking care of things that had been lined up while she was in the office.  She was really exhausted by the end of the day.

We watched some “Are You Being Served?” tonight but very little.  I had some work that needed by attention.  The office needed me to write and run a Python script tonight that would do some automated work that would going to be impossible to do without a good script so I had to work on that this evening.

Got the girls off to bed at a decent time again tonight.  We are focused really heavily now on getting them to bed earlier as it really seems to be making a big difference in their behaviour, and Dominica really needs them in good moods tomorrow considering how tired she is likely to be.

Dad comes to Texas to visit one week from tomorrow.

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