January 29, 2013: New Beer Fridge

I am in the office today.  It has been very warm yesterday and today, in the mid-seventies.  It was nearly eighty when Dominica came home last night.  We opened up the windows today to air out the house.  It was raining a little when I headed into the office.

I got a lot of kudos for my work with Python scripting yesterday.  Now I am being assigned scripting projects, of course.  This should be fun though.  I like working in Python and don’t get to do it all that often.

I got home from work a little late, not bad.  I hung out with the girls, did a bit of work, mostly writing, and then Dominica made dinner and we watched some Are You Being Served? while we ate.

Then Dominica sent me out to Walmart to pick up our new “beer fridge” that we got for Christmas.  It just arrived this afternoon as a “ship to store” to our local Walmart.  So we got it tonight but can’t hook it up until tomorrow.

Then I hopped onto a conference call for a while and we got the girls off to bed.

I stayed up working until around three in the morning.  I got a lot done.

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