January 30, 2013: Article Writing Day

It is much colder today and still rainy.  It has been rainy, at least at night, for nearly a week now.  I definitely prefer the winter rain to the winter snow back home.

Today is the hump day.  The morning was very slow at the office which was nice.  Monday and Tuesday were quite a bit busy but today was nice and relaxed.  Good day to catch up on my writing.  I did a lot of writing, both SGL and SMB IT Journal / Datamation stuff and an article that Spiceworks has been wanting me to write for a Spotlight article.  Boy am I busy writing this week!

I was in the office all day.  Worked through lunch, that’s pretty normal now.

Got home and mixed the evening between writing and hanging out with the family.  We did not do too much tonight.  I stayed up late getting some articles written.  That’s about all.

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