February 10, 2013: Brunch and Yard Work

This morning we got started a little slowly and then decided that the best thing to do was to pack up the girls and all drive down to Brookhaven for their Sunday brunch.  That made for a nice start to the day.  Dad really enjoyed the food.  It was pretty busy there as the weather is excellent and people were out golfing and the Grille was full too.  It was a lot more carb heavy than we should have been eating but the change was really good.

On the way back we went to Home Depot and got five bags of sand for Liesl and Luciana’s new sandbox that Grandpa bought them the other day.  We also bought some bags of mulch to test out in the back yard.  We decided to try some red rubber mulch that is supposed to last for twelve years.  That seemed like a good investment in general and rubber mulch is so clean and pleasant to walk on.  So we got four bags to test out.

We got home and the girls wanted their sandbox set up right away.  So I set about moving the sand up to the patio.  Dominica had decided to have the sandbox actually sit on the patio so that she could easily watch the girls from the play room.

The mulch looks great after I put it down.  We have such an awful mess of a yard.  The mulch really helps.  We have tons of mud and grass-less areas that need to be covered.  Both to make the yard useful (not getting mud all over ourselves) and in making it look nice.  It will probably take thirty or more bags to really do it any kind of justice, but we can see that this new mulch will work so we plan to buy more soon.

We sat outside for a while with dad and the kids playing in the new sandbox.  I went and got all of the space rubber tiles that we have had sitting in the atrium since Art installed them there and took them out and put them up against the patio to kind of extend the patio out into the yard to cover the dirt area up against the patio where Oreo used to pee and no grass will grow now.  That looks pretty good and we hope will make a difference with tracking dirt into the house from the lawn.

We spent the afternoon working on plans for the living room theater.  Dad is working on a way to mount our new screen in front of the fireplace so that we can start using it.  We are very anxious to have some sort of a theater again.

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