February 9, 2013: Christmas in February

Finally the weekend.  It felt like it would never get here this week.  Now I finally have some downtime that I can spend with dad.

Early this morning dad and Dominica took the girls out to Toys`R`Us to go shopping for stuff for the girls.  I stayed at home so that I could use the time to be productive and get work done.  That was a good decision as I got a lot done while they were gone so that I could actually spend time with the family once they were back.

Dad likes to wait on Christmas until he can be with the girls so this was their Christmas shopping trip with him.  Luciana’s big present was a pink “car”, like a foot-powered Flintstones’ car, that she can drive around the house.  Liesl’s big present was a big Lego set.  Then the big, joint present for the girls was a sand box for the back yard.  We are actually going to put it on the back patio.  Perfect for watching them from the play room.

Liesl and Dominica had a ton of fun putting together the Lego house today.  Liesl loves to see the structure come together but then she loves to just play and play with the toys that she builds.  I never did that even though I was really into Legos as a kid.  But I was really all about building them.  I might play with them a little, but it was very little.  It was all about modeling something in Lego bricks and then having something to display.  Closer to model railroading.

Both girls really liked playing with the pink car.  Liesl barely fits into it but she makes due.  Ciana mostly just likes to sit in it and hang out.

We watched the fifth Harry Potter movie this evening.  Dad watched the first four in the series last time that he was down in Texas.

I did some more work this evening.  Overall today was a more relaxing day.  Finally starting to get on top of things.  I have another project due on Monday, though, so I can’t really slow down.

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