February 19, 2012: Dad Heads Home

I was ready earlier than I had expected to be so started walking and dad picked me up out about half a mile from the house.  So I got a tiny bit of exercise in this morning and cut off an unnecessary part of the drive that he would have to have made to have picked me up.  Dominica and the girls were still asleep so we weren’t going to wake them up anyway – they all said goodbye last night.

It was an easy drive into the airport.  Grabbed my morning Monster energy drinks on the way past the office, since my office is right next to the airport, and got dad in a few minutes earlier than he had been hoping so he had plenty of time for a relaxing, leisurely check in for his day of flying.  He is leaving “no jackets needed” weather to return to the heavy snows of New York.  At least he managed to miss the really big blizzard that hit this year.  That worked out really well.

I got into the office on the early side and managed to leave just a little on the early side so that I could run home, meet up with Dominica and the girls and immediately drive them to Brookhaven for the annual Dallas Zoo Night.  Liesl had so much fun last year that we definitely wanted to make it tonight too.  Luciana is old enough to enjoy it now so we are hoping that it works out well.

We are having a whole day of the Miller Family being early.  We were the very first family sitting down to eat for what was eventually a full house.  We got there minutes before the official start of the evening at five thirty.  The food was quite good and a nice departure.  That’s one of the reasons that I really like making an effort to do the special events is because of the additional food variety.

The zoo show started at six thirty with the same girls from the Dallas Zoo and a few of the same animals, but mostly new ones, from last year’s show.  Liesl tried going up on her own to sit with all of the children but quickly got anxious from there being too many people packed too closely together and came back to sit on Dominica’s lap in the front row of the seating area rather than on the floor with the kids.  Luciana sat on a chair next to me.

It was a nice evening and made it a lot easier for it to be the first day with dad having left as there was plenty of distraction for the girls.

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