February 20, 2013: Getting Back to Normal

Today is dad’s first full day back home in New York.  So far the girls aren’t doing too badly.  But it’s not been very long yet.  We will see how they come, say, the weekend.  Although we are going to Houston this coming weekend so that will distract them until next week.  It is amazing how packed our schedule is, we seem to just have one event running into another.

I was into the office early today.  Worked through lunch.  Back home at a good time.  Mostly uneventful workday.

This evening was mostly hanging out as a family.  We used the new home theater a bit.  We are really liking that, as are the girls.  They are getting used to having it now and Luciana especially thinks that it is really neat.

I am home tomorrow as my work from home day.

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